Silo Temperature Monitoring

Crop Temperature Control System is a system ensuring monitoring temperature values of the crops and mounted on roof of storages of silos in general in storage process of the crops. Why should be measure temperature of the crops? Due to the fact that the crop is a food, it is always under threat of pests. Especially environments such as mould, fungus, infestation, pediculation or germination, can arise quickly if the crop or air is damp. This situation means increasing temperature and disease for the crop. If you do not watch temperature and you do not take precaution for this, values can arise such that your product can burst into flames and you can lose all of your crops in your storage.

We perform temperature control and reporting automation for your in your steel silos and horizontal storages as Simtez Automation. We adopt quality in the most affordable and correct manner into your system with our experienced expert staff. We prevent damaging goods in your storage with retrospective reporting and instant warning system and we ensure product storage in hight productivity and quality.

We provide special projects for our customers with ITG brand that we perform its dealership. It is possible to start licensed warehousing business in horizontal storages with temperature monitoring systems applied by us for the first time in Turkey. Quality products of ITG, met with quality laborship of SİMTEZ AUTOMATION. Your products are in safe now...