About Us

Simtez Automation is an organization providing service in electric- electronic and automation engineering sector for establishing quality structures by always using suitable and new technologies.

With our experienced team realized successful projects in electric-electronic and automation sector until today in accordance with this purpose, we provide service in project, application and engineering areas based on customer satisfaction.


  • Ensuring high quality, cost-efficient production 
  • Working without error by preventing errors 
  • Creating customers loyal to our brand
  • Establishing the management system to increase continuous customer satisfaction
  • Ensuring happiness of our employees with working environment and conditions 
  • Ensuring continuous training of our employees in line with their personal development 
  • Following legal regulations and environment sensivity 
  • Preventing negative effects that can arise for health of our employees and those who will be affected from our activities and ensuring all types of protections required to control accidents, damages and hazards just at beginning stage that can arise on goods and properties of ours and other people  
  • Demonstrating required effort for monitoring occupational health and safety related hazards with the same sensivity and minimizing these 
  • Decreasing wastes at the source while planning new products and activities and performing current activities within the frame of continuous development concept, following new technologies related to raw material, natural resource and energy saving and developing them and evaluating to practice them 
  • Realizing performance assessment and periodical review for monitoring continuous development, purpose and aims 
  • Practicing regular training programs for ensuring active participation for monitoring this policy and for increasing environment, health and security awareness of all employees, notifying parties related to supply chain and other chains and ensuring contribution to increase awareness 



Creating solutions for customers as a strong and leader company in high level standards, focusing on development all the time with personnel trainings and closely following developing technologies by making no concessions to customer satisfaction and quality as a well-known brand in the sector as a result of modern and productive works.



Today, we are aware of the continuity of production. For this reason, we provide 24/7 technical consultancy and service support to our customers. Since we are a company that follows the ever-evolving technology, we are proud to offer the best to our customers at the right time.